Governance and Leadership Diversity

In this conversation, Ogechi Emechebe and Christopher Torres, Senior Communication Specialists at the AHA, are joined by Fred Hobby, former president and CEO of the Institute for Diversity in Health Management, to reflect on his achievements during his time at AHA. Fred also shares critical ways…
This worksheet looks at best practices for building leadership diversity programs through various case studies. Cases vary by career level and touch on topics such as hiring for new roles and diversity committees.
This toolkit focuses on developing diversity and inclusion leadership strategies at the board level. It also encourages significant governance changes throughout health care organizations.
Institute for Diversity and Health Equity homepage. It is our vision to empower health organizations to provide equitable care for all persons. Our mission is to advance health care equity, diversity and inclusion.
  National Conferences   2021: Accelerating Health Equity Virtual Conference  2018: Stengthening Our Roots: Expanding Our Focus in Diversity, Inclusion and Health Equity - Chicago, IL.  2016: Accelerating Health Equity through Diversity and Inclusion -…
IFDHE’s biennial DEI Benchmark Survey provides a snapshot of member and non-member hospitals’ attitudes and practices regarding diversity in the workforce; leadership and governance; equity; and inclusive policies and behavior.