Mar 23, 2023
“Be who you needed when you were younger.” When I first heard these eight words more than a decade ago, they stopped me in my tracks. 
Feb 1, 2023
Our nation’s health care system leaders are increasingly aware of existing gaps in care and outcomes across different patients and are well-positioned to take actions that advance high-quality, equitable care for all, especially those from historically marginalized groups.
Jan 23, 2023
I’m often asked, “Why did you choose a career in health care?”
Jan 13, 2023
    “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”
Dec 13, 2022
Bold. It’s a small but powerful word to describe the efforts of the Institute of Diversity and Health Equity in 2022.
Dec 13, 2022
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention is working with NORC at the University of Chicago to identify and evaluate health systems implementing anti-racism practices with the potential to reduce health disparities and improve outcomes related…