Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Measures for Hospitals and Health System Dashboards

Health equity is achieved when individuals reach their highest potential for health. Hospitals and health systems are actively engaged in addressing inequities, reducing disparities and increasing opportunities for diversity and inclusion to strengthen their connection to the communities, they serve. A basic level health equity, diversity and inclusion dashboard may include the following: race, ethnicity and language preference data collection, stratification and use, cultural competency training, diversity and inclusion in governance and leadership, and community partnerships. This dashboard can provide health care leaders with the necessary information, tools and resources to advance their health equity, diversity and inclusion journey. For your convenience, we have created both a downloadable PDF version and an interactive dashboard. 

How to Use this Dashboard

  • Assemble an interdisciplinary team that is ultimately reporting to C-suite executives responsible for driving health equity, diversity and inclusion initiatives within hospitals and health systems, is best positioned to utilize this document.
  • The measures under each goal are intended to be easily integrated into existing dashboards.
  • The “Operationalizing this Measure” column describes ways in which hospitals and health systems may engage stakeholders across the system.
  • The supporting tools and resources feature briefs, guides and toolkits that will help hospitals and health systems make progress toward achieving that specific measure and ultimately advancing health equity, diversity and inclusion in hospitals, health systems and the communities they serve.
  • Click on the interactive dashboard below to access desired outcomes and measures, ways to operationalize measures, and tools and resources to support growth for each goal.
Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Dashboard Domains