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Meet Equity Transformation Partners

Advance health equity within your organization and community through the vetted services of AHA Equity Transformation Partners (ETP).

In 2022, the IFDHE launched a Health Equity Roadmap to support American Hospital Association (AHA) members on their health equity journey. It features six levers, or key performance indicators, of transformation.  

Almost 1,500 member organizations have started the Health Equity Roadmap journey by taking the Health Equity Transformation Assessment (HETA) to evaluate where their organization is on its health equity journey. Through HETA, AHA members are given a tailored action plan and access to resources and toolkits that lay out steps to progress from one stage to the next.  

As an additional step to support the advancement towards equity transformation, the AHA is offering our new Equity Transformation Partner (ETP) program. The ETP program’s goal is to identify an exclusive group of trusted and vetted services to help AHA member hospitals accelerate their equity journey. The program connects AHA members to trusted practitioners and service providers committed to equity transformation work. These highly reputable, qualified service providers in the diversity, inclusion and health equity space must demonstrate alignment with the Health Equity Roadmap framework.  


Equity Transformation Partners